"Did you know that ISO 17664-1:2021 gives freedom on finding a way to ensure that an endoscope has been inspected and maintained properly?"


Unfortunately, this freedom also represents a risk for medical device manufacturers as there is no one way to Inspect an endoscope.


“Where could the risk be if there are so many options?"


Well, not having one standardized way to determine if an endoscope needs repair could mean that different risks may occur when it comes to the accurate determination of the matter.

If a problem occurs with the use of an endoscope and a patient gets exposed to a risk, investigations will follow. These investigations will first approach Endoscope manufacturers and see if they did their job sufficiently. This means that Manufacturers should provide methods for threating an endoscopic device that contain as least risks as possible. If a risk that is included in the inspection methods of a manufacturer occurs that means the fault for the problem will be theirs for presenting such risk as a part of a solution.



No one wants to be held responsible for a problem that is not their fault.

Fortunately for the Endoscope Manufacturers, Dovideq is here to back them up.

With our main goal to provide complete control over the Inspection step of the ISO 17664-1:2021 we have created devices that automatically test the most important aspects of an endoscopes and ensure that if damaged in any way, a device doesn’t reach the Operating Theatre and goes straight to Maintenance. We have automated the process as much as possible so the users do not have to spend time wondering if a device can or cannot be used, they can know right away with accuracy, while additional detailed results are stored within our software.

Having Dovideq’s Products as a solution of the ever-uncertain inspection of Endoscopes, can help manufacturers to always be compliant with that step and never again worry about the risks that they can encounter when determining a descriptive inspection method for their devices.


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