External repair companies and lost warranty

  • January 10, 2023

A leading manufacturer of medical instruments and endoscopes, has recently announced again that it does not authorize any third-party repair on their products. This decision is based on the fact that indemnification obligations are no longer applicable, and therefore, product warranty becomes void.

Karl Storz says no to externel repairs

For hospitals, this means that they can no longer have products repaired by third-party companies, according to this market leader. Instead, they must either send the products back for repair or purchase new products. We hear it happens often that the OEM cannot repair their own devices, when a repair company would gamble that they can. This is, of course, a risk.
Repairing via the official OEM can be inconvenient and costly for hospitals and it may lead to a possible disruption in the availability of essential medical equipment.

One solution to this problem is to use testing systems from Dovideqmedical.com, specifically LightControl. LightControl is a testing system that helps hospitals and repair companies prove that their repairs were done according to the highest standards. It could also allow hospitals to guarantee compliance with OEM's endoscope policy by constantly checking them with LightControl. This ensures that the endoscopes are functioning properly and can still be effectively cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized in accordance with the reprocessing instructions.

Dovideq advises this to be done in accordance with the manufacturer, who is always happy to respond to these remarks and questions. It is in their advantage to make sure that hospitals are using endoscopes of the highest quality.

In conclusion, this OEM's decision to not authorize third-party repairs on their products can be a challenge for repair centers and hospitals. However, by using systems like LightControl and endoscopemanager from Dovideqmedical.com, repair companies can prove that their repairs meet the highest standards, and hospitals can guarantee compliance with IFUs and policies. This can help ensure the availability and proper functioning of essential medical equipment, even in the face of the manufacturer's strict repair policies.

For more details, contact Dovideq and ask for the MDR2017/745 & ISO 17664 Impact analysis for Hospitals 

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