You're wearing your seatbelt, right?

November 7, 2023
You're wearing your seatbelt right? So why not test your endoscopes before you use them? Back in the early days,...

How Leak Tests Prevent Cross Contamination in Patients

August 29, 2023
In the realm of healthcare, patient safety is of paramount importance. To ensure the highest standards of care, it is...

Why you can't find decent CSSD colleagues anymore

June 13, 2023
The Sterile Processing industry is facing a critical challenge - a scarcity of qualified technicians. Let's discuss the...

ISO 17664: Safeguarding Hospital Practices in the Reuse of Endoscopes

May 10, 2023
In the realm of healthcare, the safe and effective reuse of medical devices, particularly endoscopes, is critical. ISO...

5 ways how automating endoscope tests speeds up and improves your process

May 9, 2023
If you're looking for ways to streamline endoscope checking and repairs in your hospital, LightControl is the solution...

The downsides of automated endoscope testing

May 2, 2023
An endoscope's effectiveness depends on its quality, and that's where automated endoscope testing with Dovideq comes...

How automated testing helps improve endoscope maintenance and quality

April 24, 2023
Endoscopes are crucial tools in modern medicine, allowing doctors to perform a wide range of procedures inside the body...

More space, more Dovideq

April 6, 2023
Settling into our new place; Hassinkweg 10 in Hengelo